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Embracing Change and Thrive in an Ever-Evolving Society: Goal Setting

How well do you handle change in a forever evolving society? Most people stall and some feel as though they are treading water. The challenge is to not become overwhelmed within an ever changing world. Let’s come together to build and thrive. 

Sanctuary for Thought™ Life Coaching podcast and informational blogs seek to provide encouragement and insight in the fields of goal setting and development. Motivational development is essential as it pertains to leadership development, professional development, and personal developmental growth. I urge use of Sanctuary for Thought Life Coaching website to access to resources such as life coaching services and training. Classes, seminars, and workshops accompanied with motivational speaking are also integrated to help evoke and maintain a lifestyle of growth within an ever evolving world.

Follow this series of brief commentaries highlighting various developmental focus points.

Goal Setting

Meaningful goals are vital in providing a sense of purpose and direction. Healthy goals influence our cognitive development. Goal setting is the examination of one’s relationship to the intended result. This would involve the attainability, complexity, satisfaction of fulfillment, and clarity of the goal at hand. The reading of motivational quotes alone will not secure the conquest of achieving goals. However, it is empirically supported that with accountability reinforcement increases the level of probability of ascertaining one’s meaningful objective.


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