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A Thriving Mindset is Life Giving!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

“Wow, I really did it! I didn’t know I was capable of finishing such a difficult task.” Do you know what just happened? You have just rewired your brain by allowing yourself to connect with your inner potential. You turned an obstacle into an opportunity - an opportunity to grow and learn more about yourself. This is Thriving! The thriving mindset allows you to engage with your potential to experience life beyond one’s own status quo. Thriving seeks to live out your purpose, aligning yourself more to your own personal values. You will see yourself as a person adding to the world, and not just taking. It’s a flourishing mindset which brings life to those things around you.

Thriving is a natural generator, empowering us to make significant moves in our lives. It brings forth a flourishing mentality which helps you to see the glass half full rather than half empty. Thriving brings you out from underneath the murk and the mire into a great expanse. What does that all mean? It means it’s ‘life giving’. What was once dead is now living again, whether it’s a personal dream, ideas, or self image. The aspirations which seemed impossible, now seem attainable. However, to thrive you have to get past the limited survivor lenses and pick up the thriving kaleidoscope. They‘re more fun to look through!

To thrive, it requires you to reach within and do some tough things. My daughter shared with me, she has been affirming herself with the mantra ‘I can do tough things’. This has allowed her to try things she’s never done before. As a result, my daughter has begun tapping into the ingenuity side of herself. In the process, she made decisions to let go of behaviors which developed from her survival mentality. She found they were preventing her from trying anything new.

What are you holding onto that is preventing you from trying something new today? What is it that you would like to try, but afraid of or never thought you could? I encourage you to find someone to partner with while developing a thriving mindset. Be sure to find someone who will keep you lifted through the tough times, not letting you give up on yourself. Someone who believes in you and sees your potential. If you can’t find that someone in your general circle, then connect with a life coach that is best suited for what is needed to pursue your life ambitions.


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