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Our Mission

To provide transformative coaching within a safe and secure environment dedicated to allowing for careful and considerate exploration of thoughts, feelings, & actions to the avail of exposing limiting beliefs and self sabotaging habits. This process lends itself to contributing greatly to self development and personal growth. Ultimately, revealing to oneself their inner potential necessary in moving towards personal goals, vision, and purpose.

PROVERBS 16 : 2-4

All the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the thoughts of the heart. Trust your work to the Lord, and your plans will work out well.

At Sanctuary for Thought™ you are provided a positive, supportive online environment to explore individual patterns of thought, whether for specific goals or clarifying a personal vision.

You will be coached through these moments of exploration where self defeating beliefs are unveiled. As you begin to consider your own juncture in life, outdated belief systems will surface and be addressed. In many cases, these limiting beliefs have created thought patterns which have been in operation for years, and is the prominent reason a person has remained stuck in a cycle where they are unable to progress forward.

However, Transformative Thinking uses coaching techniques which evoke critical thinking, allowing you to detect gaps in your own chain of reasoning as it relates to esteem, confidence, and self worth.

Developmental Opportunities

Sanctuary for Thought™ focuses on goal setting, leadership development, motivational development, personal development, and professional development. We offer services in a number of formats including, personal and professional coaching and training services, motivational speaking, classes, seminars, and workshops.


Click the link below to inquire further for information regarding coaching, training, and motivational speaking, classes, seminars, and workshops


Through these outlets Sanctuary for Thought™ is able to attain the goal of reaching more individuals, with the mission of revealing the potential from within.

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