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Transforming the way you think, the way you see, and the way you perceive.

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Do you feel as though you have the willpower to move forward but can't solidify the way to achieve your goals? Or is it just the opposite, you know what's required to move forward but you're just not motivated?

What We're About

Sanctuary for Thought™ Life Coaching provides coaching services to aid in transformative thinking. These services are designed to promote self awareness and inner growth by identifying mental strongholds. Transformative Thinking allows you to fortify a personal vision for yourself and establish goals to develop strategies to improve your quality of life.

 What do you gain from 
Transformative Coaching?

Here's What I Can Help You With

Positive Thinking





Will help to foster positive thinking as you lean into an unobstructed,
comprehensive view of yourself.

Heightens the ability to gain a clear achievable vision for your future, while
formulating new innovative ways of attaining goals.

You are encouraged and guided to view ideals from a new enlightened

Gain a more

in depth understanding of oneself as it relates to your personal
vision, self worth, or even a specific goal.

Increases your self awareness, identifying roadblocks and self sabotaging habits.

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Hi There, I'm Cassonia

Certified Life Coach MA, CLC, MCPC

I am a Transformative Thinking Life Coach with a dedication to see all individuals flourish. We often go through life as Functioning Survivors, constantly looking at everything and everyone through a lens of survival. My hope is for all who are consumed with just surviving, to be willing to exchange their long held survival optical lenses for a kaleidoscope of thriving vantage points obtaining a great outlook on life. Through the use of core coaching competencies, I eagerly partner along side clients to assist with clarifying goals and aid in identifying behavioral patterns which are tied to limiting beliefs and self sabotaging habits.

How the Coaching Process Works..

Need Some Help With Building Your Meaningful & Fulfilling Life?

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During our first coaching session, we will discuss the coaching alliance needed for our partnership to flourish. This alliance is designed to service your goals and desires from a personal and coaching stand point. To help accomplish this mission, we will review your intake form together. We will clarify your goals, as well as review expectations and commitment. Normally, the initial session will run longer typically 60 to 90 minutes.


Initial Coaching Session & Assessment


Coaching Sessions

The individual coaching sessions are where we dig deeper and consider outdated beliefs. You are challenged to reach further, embrace change, and commitment. As life coaches, we do not make diagnosis nor over extend advice. However, we create a safe space during each session for critical exploration as it relates to forward movement. Systems of accountability are established at the end of each session to help assure your desired results are achieved.


Last Session & Next Steps

As you approach your last coaching session, we will reflect on your initial goals and list out your accomplishments made throughout the coaching journey. Together we will celebrate milestones you’ve encountered during the process. To assure continued progress beyond the coaching relationship, there will be a discussion regarding a community of ongoing support. In addition, there will be a review of lessons learned on maintaining forward momentum.

  We are an inclusive practice welcoming all regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age or ability. The coaching services are specifically designed for clients to connect with their inner potential, creating momentum for positive life changing outcome that will propel them forward in life.

Don't Let Fear of What May Happen Hold You Back From Following Your Heart.
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